Valhalla Railroad Bridge, South Side Plaque Detail. S.

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Repository Name
Westchester County Archives

Collection Name
Historic American Engineering Record, Bronx River Parkway Reservation – HAER No. NY-327

Name of Creator
David W. Haas

Date of Creation
September/October 2001


Call Number
A-0321(1)F PH76

8" x 10"

This is a detail from a plaque on the south side of the Valhalla Railroad Bridge that commemorates the completion of the Bronx River Parkway. The plaque lists the following instrumental individuals: "MADISON GRANT – PRESIDENT - 1907-1925; WILLIAM W. NILES – VICE PRES’T 1907-1925; JAMES G. CANNON – TREASURER -1907-1916; FRANK H. BETHELL – TREASURER – 1916-1925; JAY DOWNER – CHIEF ENGINEER; L. G. HOLLERAN – DEPUTY CHIEF ENG’R; H. W. MERKEL – LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT; THEODOSIUS STEVENS – COUNSEL." It then states the following facts about the project, "LENGTH OF PARKWAY 16 miles; AREA 1200 ACRES; 370 OLD BUILDINGS REMOVED; FIVE MILES OF BILLBOARDS REMOVED; TWO MILLION CUBIC YARDS EXCAVATED AND SURFACE RECOVERED WITH TOP SOIL; 30,000 TREES & 140,000 SHRUBS PLANTED; THIRTY-SEVEN BRIDGES AND VIADUCTS BUILT AND SIXTY FOOT BRIDGES; THE RIVER CLEARED OF POLLUTION AND THE NATURAL VALLEY RESTORED." Location of photograph: Valhalla - New York.