Horace Greeley reading the Tribune


On July 23,1863, the County Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution to form a committee that would seek ways to "relieve the citizens of this County who may be drafted…from the obnoxious features of the act of conscription." In a speech to the Board on that day, reported in the Eastern State Journal on July 31, John Haskin stated "conscriptions are the incidents of despotic power." He suggested that "[the Board] be liberal in taxing the property of the County for the purpose of avoiding, if possible, the enforcement of the draft therein." He further suggested that the County offer large bounties to induce volunteering.

Haskin's comments were criticized by Horace Greeley, editor of the New York Tribune and resident of Chappaqua. Haskin's response to Greeley ran in the August 7 edition of the Eastern State Journal.

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