Eastern State Journal
October 26, 1860

Westchester County
County Newspapers and the 1860 election

The dual character of the county was highlighted by the 1860 election. While the northern part of the county was pro-Lincoln, in keeping with upstate New York counties, the southern part of Westchester, which included the bulk of its population, allied itself politically with New York City in its opposition to Lincoln.

In the latter part of 1860, three major Westchester newspapers-the Eastern State Journal of White Plains, the Yonkers Herald and the Highland Democrat of Peekskill-came out against Lincoln. However, the Democratic Party had then split into three factions, each supporting a different presidential nominee. The newspapers united behind the Union Electoral ticket, a fusion ticket designed to unite the various Democratic sub-parties by focussing only on state electors. The Eastern State Journal regularly ran a listing of electors supported by the Union-Electoral ticket, as in this example from October 26.

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