Eastern State Journal
August 2, 1861

Westchester voted Union Electoral: 8126, Republican: 6671. Following the election of Lincoln, the Eastern State Journal wrote on November 9, "This result is deeply to be regretted-not so much on party grounds, as for the continued peace and prosperity of the Country." In the following weeks, the Eastern State Journal continued its anti-Lincoln campaign, printing letters from Southerners written in defense of slavery, secession and state's rights. In addition, the newspaper regularly ran a large-print notice under its masthead, as in this example from August 2, 1861:

Mr. Lincoln is not the United States Government. The Government is ours, and we owe allegiance to it: Mr. Lincoln is not ours, and we do not owe allegiance to him. Mr. Lincoln's term of office is brief and fleeting; the Government, we hope, will last forever.

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