Valentine Hodgson "in the uniform he always wore in the parade on Decoration Day"

In 1864, Hodgson was stationed near the White House in the Treasury Barracks, where he catalogued captured Confederate flags. During that time he sometimes spoke with President Lincoln, who often came to view the flags. Hodgson encountered Lincoln again in 1865, when one of the final duties of his regiment was to accompany the assassinated President's body through New York.

Following his discharge in 1866, Hodgson was associated with several GAR posts. He became the first Commander of Cromwell Post, GAR #466 (Hodgson is second from left in this photograph) in White Plains, which was mustered on April 19, 1884. As entered in the Veteran Cemetery and map records, Valentine Hodgson died on January 22, 1921, and is buried in the White Plains Rural Cemetery.

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