Excerpt from John Gedney's
Veteran Cemetery record

These two passages are striking in their different tones. Gedney's reads as if written immediately following the battle, when he was merely putting down events and sensations as he had experienced them. Thiselton's section reads as if written well after he had digested the commentary of others. These differences aside, both passages communicate the terrifying scope of the event and the relative insignificance of a single man when faced with the horror of war.

Following the war, both Thiselton and Gedney were active in several GAR Posts, including Farnsworth Post and Cromwell Post. Thiselton was a charter member of Farnsworth Post, No. 170, of Mount Vernon. According to the Veteran Cemetery and map records, Gedney lived until March 11, 1922, and was buried in the White Plains Rural Cemetery. Thiselton died on November 12, 1880. He was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx.


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