Excerpt from Tierce letter,
March 11, 1864

On February 22, 1864, one month after arriving in New Orleans, Tierce writes Sarah Jane that he is ill: "I am quite sick at present with the fever and ague." In the same letter he remarks "I have not received a red cent of our monthly pay yet and I don't know when we will." In a letter dated March 11, 1864, Sergeant Tierce writes: "There is more or less a death in one of the companies every day. They die off like rotten sheep, for time there is one buried, there is another waiting to be buried. The doctor says it is not a cold but inflammation of the lungs and I waited too long before I went to see him."

Simeon Tierce died in Battalion Hospital, Plaquemine, LA., on July 8, 1864.

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