Transcription of Deeds Related to the Settlement of New Rochelle, 1689 and 1694

Original Pell Deed for Settlement of New Rochelle, 1689

TO ALL CHRISTIAN PEOPLE To whom this present writing shall come John Pell proprietor of the Manor of Pelham, within the County of Westchester in the province of New York within the Domminion of New England Gentleman and Rachell his wife Sendeth Greeting in our Lord God Everlasting. Know Yee that the said John Pell & Rachell his wife for and in consideration of the sume of Sixteens hundred twenty & Five pounds sterling currant silver money of this province to him in hand paid & secured to be paid att & before the ensealing & delivery hereof by Jacob Leisler of the Citty of New York Marchant, the Receipt whereof they the said John Pell & Rachell his Wife doe hereby Acknowledg & themselves to be fully Sattisfied & contented & thereof & of every part & parcell thereof doe hereby freely & cleerly Acquitt exonerqte & discharge the said Jacob Leisler his heirs Executors Administrators & every of them by these presents HAVE Granted bargained & sold & by these Presents Doe grant Bargaind & sell unto the said Jacob Leisler his heirs & Assignes ALL that Tract of Land lyeing & being within the said Mannor of PELHAM containing Six thousand acres of Land And also One hundred Acres of Land more which the said John Pell & Rachell his Wife do freely Give and Grant for the French Church erected or to be erected by the Inhabitants of the said Tract of Land or by their Assignes BEING butted & bounded as herein is After expressed beginning att the west side of A certaine white Oak tree marked on all foure sides standing at high water mark & at the south end of Hog Neck by Shoals harbour & runs north westerly through the great & fresh Meadow lyeing between the Roade & the sound & from the north side of the said Meadow where the said line crosses the said Meadow to run from thence due north to Bronckeses River which is the west divission line between the said John Pell’s Land and the aforesaid Tract bounded on the south Easterly by the sound & Salt water & to run east northerly to A certaine piece of Salt Meadow lyeing att the Salt Creek which Runneth up to Cedar Tree brook, or Gravilley, brook, and is the bounds to the southern. Bounded on the east by a line that runs from said Meadow north-westerly by marked trees to a certaine black Oak tree standing A little below the Roade marked on fouer Sides & from thence to run due north fouer miles and one halfe more or less AND from the north end of the said west line ending att BRONCKESES River, and from thence to run easterly till it meetes with a North end of the said easternmost bounds, together with all and Singular the Islands & Isletts before the said tract of Land lyeing & being in the sound & Salt water with all the Harbours creeks Rivers Rivoletts Runs Waters Lakes Meadows ponds Marshes Salt & fresh swamps Soyles timber trees pastures feedings, Inclosures fields, Quarryes, Mines mineralls, (Silver & gold Mines only excepted) fishing hunting fowleing hawking AS Also all the Messuages Houses tenements barnes Mills Milldams as they were att the time of the ensealing & delivery of the Articles of Aggreement of Sale for said Land bearing date the second day of July in the Yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred eighty-seaven, As Relaton being thereto had doth more fully and att large Appeare, AS allso the Reversion & reversions, Remaindeer & Remainders of a certaine Lott of Land and Meadow now in the tenure & occupaton of John Jefferd & Olive his wife being parts of the aforesaid six thousand Acres of Land with all the Privilidges belonging thereto or any wise appurtaineing or there with now used occupied & enjoyed; AS allso the Right title interest Reversion, Remainder, property claimd & demand whatsoever of in & to the same & every parte thereof as is hereafter expressed, TO HAVE & TO HOLD the Aforesaid Tract of Land with all other the Above granted premisses unto the said Jacob Leisler his heirs & Assigns for Ever to his & there own sole & proper use of benefitt & behoofe for ever YIELDING & paying unto the said John Pell his heirs & assignes Lords of the said Mannor of PELHAM or to the Assigns of him or them or their or either of them as an Acknowledgmt to the Lord of the said Mannor one fatt calfe on every fouer and twentyth day of June YEARLY & Every Years forever (if demanded) AND the said John Pell & Rachell his Wife for themselves their heirs Executors & Administrators Respectively doe hereby convenant promisse & grant to and with the said Jacob Leisler his heirs & Assignes in mannor and formd following (that is to say,) that att the time of the ensealing hereof they the said John Pell & Rachell his wife doe Avouch themselves to be true Sole & lawfull owners of all the afore bargained premises and that they are lawfully seized of & in the same & every part thereof in their owne proper Right of a good & Indefinable estate of Inheritance in fee simple & have in themselves good Right full power & lawful Authority to sell & dispose of the same as Aforsaid AND the said Jacob Leisler his heirs & Assignes shall & may from henceforth & forever hereafter peaceably & Quiettly have hold occupy possesse & enjoye the Above Granted premises & every parte & parcell therof, free & clear without any charge or Incumbrance caused made Suffered or granted by said John Pell & Rachell his Wife or either of them their or either of their heirs in Estate Right title interest in law or Equity trust charge or other Incumbrance whatsoever, And the said John Pell & Rachell his Wife for themselves Respectively & for their Respective heires doe covenant promisse & grant to warrant & defend the Above Granted premisses with their appurtenances & every part & parcel thereof Unto the said Jacob Leisler his heirs & Assigns forever, Against the Lawfull claimes & demand whatsoever, IN WITTNESSE whereof the said John Pell & Rachell his Wife have hereunto Sett their hands & Seales in New York & the twentyth day of September in the First years of the Reigne of our soveragne Lord & Lady William & Mary, KING & QUEEN of England & C., and, in the Years of our Lord One thousand Six hundred Eighty & Nine.


the mark R
Rachell Pell

Deed of 642 Acres near Eastchester Road, May 17, 1694

To all Christian People to whom this present writing shall come Andrew Thauvett of the County of New Rochell Gentleman, sendeth greeting in our Lord God everlasting, whereas Jacob Leisler of ye Citty of New York Merchant together with his wife Elsie, have by their certain deed or writing under their hands and seales, having date of ye [17th] day of May 1690 granted, bargained and sold unto ye sd. Andrew Thauvett, amongst a greater parcell, six hundred fourty two acres of Land in ye great Lott, bounded by ye Land of John Pell on the North [s]ide, by ye Land of Wm. Leconte on ye South, by ye Land of Mrs. Risbell on ye east and by ye Lott of ye other purchasers on ye West side besides ye Proportionable interest in ye Commons and meddows, for Seaven hun- dred acres in all, Now Know Yee that I Andrew Yhauvett for and in Consideration of a certain Sume of money to me in hand paid at or befor[e] ye Ensealing and Delivery hereof by Bartholomew Le Roux of ye Citty of New Yorke Goldsmith, the receyt where of is hereby acknowledged, have granted bargaine, sold, transported and made over and by these presents doth grant bargain, sell, transport & make over unto ye sd. Bartholomew Le Roux out [of] ye aforementioned tract of ground lyeing and being in ye mannor of Pelham the quantity of four hundred fourty two acres of Land with two hundred acres in ye fre[s]h meadows and Commons priviledge out of ye seven hundred acres of Land aforesaid, together with all ye Priviledges there unto belonging, and in any ways of pertaining. To have and to hold [ ] of Land [ ] priviledge in ye Commons as aforesaid with their appartenances, unto ye sd. Bartholomew Le Roux, his heires and assigns, unto ye proper use, benefitt and behoofe of him ye sd. Bartholomew Le Roux his heires & assigns for ever and the said Andrew Thauvett by these presents doth Covenants grant & agree to and with ye sd. Bartholomew Le Roux his Executors, adm. & assigns, ye said parcell of ground with sd. priviledge and its appurtenances unto ye said Bartho- lomew Le Roux his Heires, Executors, Administrators and assigns, in his their quiet possession and herein according to ye right granted to ye sd. Andrew Thauvett by ye sd. Jacob Leisle[r] and Elsie his wife by ye aforesd. deed of sale He ye sd. Bartholomew Le Roux paying his proportion of qutt rent , in tenor[?] of ye sd. deeds granted by John Pell Esq. of ye Mannor of Pelham, In witness where of I Andrew Thauvett have here unto sett my hand and seale. In New Yorke this 17th day of May in ye sd. 6th yeare of the Maj—[?] Reigne—[?] 1694 Sealed and delivered in ye presence of, a


G. Bonnin --[?]

D Gombaud –[?]