Land Indenture, May 10, 1748 Transcription

(FRONT) This indenture made this Tenth Day of May in the Year of Our Lord One thousand Seven hundred and forty Eight Between Andrew Johnston of the City of Perth Amboy in the Province of New Jersey Merchant of the one Part and Caleb Hall of the Mannor of Cortland in the County of Westchester and Province of New York Yeoman of the other Part Wittnefseth that this Andrew Johnston for and in Consideration of the Sum of One hundred and fifteen Pounds Current money of New York to him in hand paid by the said Caleb Hall the receipt whereof He doth hereby Acknowledge that he is therewith fully Satisfyed Hath Granted Bargain’d, Sold, Releas’d, ???, Confrim’d And by these Presents Doth Grant Bargain, Sell, Release, ???, and Confirm to the said Caleb Hall and to his Heirs and Afsigns forever all that certain Tract or Parcell of Land now in the Pofsefsion of the said Caleb Hall scituate Lying , Being in the Manor of Cortland in the County of West Chester and Province of New York and is part of a certain Lott of Land known by the Name of Front Lott Number Nine Beginning at a Heap of Stones on the East Side of the Post Road being about Thirty three Chains and thirty Links distant from a certain Creek Call’d Magrigarie’s Creek where it Crofses this Post Road And Running from the said Heap of Stones along by a Range of Mark’d Trees about North Seventy two Degrees East forty five Chains and fifty Links Thence South Twenty five Degrees East forty Chains and thirty three Links to Magrigarie’s Creek, Thence down along the said Creek as it Runs about Nineteen Chains to the Land now in Pofsefsion of Robert Winchell Thence North Twenty five Degrees West about Six Chains, Thence North about Seventy Eight Degrees West forty four Chains to the Post Road Thence Northward along the said Post Road as it Runs Six Chains and Seventy five Links to the Place where it began Containing One hundred and fifteen Acres be it more or Lefs Together with all the Appurtenances thereunto belonging, Excepting and Reserving unto the said Andrew Johnston his Heirs and Afsigns the one half of all Mines and Minerals whatsoever and wheresoever within the Premifses other than Iron Oar, to have and to hold the above bargain’d Premifses to the (said) Caleb Hall his Heirs and Afsigns, to the Sole and only proper Use Benefitt and Behoof of the said Caleb Hall his Heirs and Afsigns forever And the said Andrew Johnston for himself his Heirs, Executors and Administrators Doth Covenant Agree to and with the said Caleb Hall his Heirs and Afsigns That he hath good Right and Law full Authority to Sell and Convey the said Granted Premifses in manner of aforesaid, And that the same is free and Clear from all manner of Incumbrances whatsoever Excepting his Majesty’s Quit (?) Rent that shall hereafter become due, And the said Andrew Johnston for himself his Heirs Executors and Administrators all and Singular the said Granted Premifses unto him the said Caleb Hall his Heirs and Afsigns against all Persons whatsoever (Excepting as before Excepted) will forever Warrant and Defend in Wittnefs whereof the said Andrew Johnston hath Hereunto Sett his Hand and Seal the Day and Year first above written

Sealed and Delivered
In the Presence of
Joseph Travis
Andrew Johnston
Robert Travis

(REVERSE) Be it Remembered that on ye 30th Day of December 1748 that Joseph Travis one of (?) witnefses to (?) within Deed appeared before me Samuel Purdy (?) Judge of the Inferiour Court of Common pleas for (?) County of Westchester afsigned and being Sworen one Holy Evanglist of Almighty God Declared that he Law Andrew Johnston Sign Seal and Deliver the within Deed to Caleb Hall as his free and voluntary act and Deed for ye uses (?) therein mentioned and that he Likewise Saw Robert Travis Sign for a witness with him ye (?) Same time, and I having Examioned (?) the Same and find no mistakes or Enterlineations therein Do allow ye (?) Same to be Recorded.

Samuel Purdy

(Front when folded – Title)
Deed for 115 Acres
Andrew Johnston
Caleb Hall

Westchester County Records
Recorded in Lib: G : page 401
By B Nicolls (?)

(in Pencil ) Dated May 10, 1748