Anna Ward's Notebook, 1806
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When Anna Ward was 16, she attended Eastchester’s first school. Her notebook displays her mastery of geography, as well as other disciplines. It is also an example of the penmanship of the time, which was executed with a quill pen. Anna later became the wife of Major Jackson Odell of Greenburgh.

The school Anna attended was razed when the Eastchester Marble Schoolhouse, located near the intersection of California and New Rochelle roads, was built in 1835. The Marble Schoolhouse is listed in the Westchester County Inventory of Historic Places.

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Title Anna Ward's Notebook, 1806 Format Bound
Repository Eastchester Historical Society Number of Pages Cover, plus 44 pages
Collection   Dimensions 6.5" x 7"
Call Number   Transcription No
Creator Anna Ward jpeg File Name Cover.jpg; NoteBookPg1-44.jpg
Creation Date 1806 tif File Name Cover.tif; NoteBookPg1-44.tif

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