Title Portraits of World War II Soldiers by New Rochelle Artists and Illustrators, ca. 1940s Format Scrapbooks - 10 volumes
Repository New Rochelle Public Library Number of Pages Eleven portraits excerpted from the collection.
Each volume has about 100 pages; a
page often included three portraits.
Collection E.L. Doctorow Local History Room Dimensions 11.5" x 14"
Call Number   Transcription NA
Creator Various New Rochelle artists and illustrators jpeg File Name Anderson.jpg; Brown.jpg; Davies.jpg; Kazanjian.jpg; George_Maxcy.jpg; Laura_Petray.jpg; Daniel_Pisani.jpg; Rosamonde.jpg; Sparks.jpg, Alex_C_Thompson.jpg; Geneva_Williams.jpg
Creation Date 1943-1945 tif File Name Anderson.tif; Brown.jpg; Davies.tif; Kazanjian.tif; George_Maxcy.tif; Laura_Petray.tif; Daniel_Pisani.tif; Rosamonde.tif; Sparks.tif, Alex_C_Thompson.tif; Geneva_Williams.tif