The Almshouse Inmate Records, ca. 1875
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In 1824, New York State legislation mandated each county to institute a poorhouse, thereby transferring care for the poor from individual towns to the county. Westchester County’s first almshouse opened its doors in Mt. Pleasant, in 1828. In 1900, Westchester purchased nearby Grasslands Farm in Eastview and built a hospital and a new home for the poor, which it operated as the County Home until after the Depression.

The 23 volumes of Almshouse Records held by the Westchester County Archives include inmate records documenting birthplaces, occupations, and personal and familial habits of many generations of Westchester’s poor. The volumes also describe everyday life at the home.

Title The Almshouse Inmate Records Format Book
Repository Westchester County Archives Number of Pages 8
Collection Series 179:Department of Social Services: Almshouse Records, 1854-1917 Dimensions 10" x 15"
Call Number A-0314(1) Transcription NA
Creator County Poor House jpeg File Name A0314(1)rec74.jpg; A0314(1)rec84.jpg; A0314(1)rec104.jpg; A0314(1)re129.jpg; A0314(1)rec157.jpg; A0314(1)rec159.jpg; A0314(1)rec179.jpg; A0314(1)rec187.jpg
Creation Date ca. 1875 tif File Name A0314(1)rec74.tif; A0314(1)rec84.tif; A0314(1)rec104.tif; A0314(1)re129.tif A0314(1)rec157.tif; A0314(1)rec159.tif; A0314(1)rec179.tif; A0314(1)rec187.tif

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