Copy of the 1774 Heathcote Map, 1907
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Caleb Heathcote (1666-1721) was one of the largest landowners in pre-Revolutionary Westchester. The 1774 journal of partition and the resulting Heathcote Map were created by the Commission established to ensure the fair division of the lands in present day Mamaroneck, Scarsdale and Harrison, which were granted to Caleb Heathcote by King William III in 1701 and which remained unsold by his descendants.

Because the original 1774 Heathcote Map was fading, a true and exact copy was drawn, certified and filed by the Register of Deeds in 1907; it is the latter version that is depicted here. It not only documents the work of the Commissioners, clearly marking the partitioned areas referred to in the Journal, but also captures both geographical and man-made features in the vicinity of Mamaroneck, Scarsdale and Harrison for historical researchers.

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Title Copy of the 1774 Heathcote Map Format Map
Repository Westchester County Archives Number of Pages 1 - divided into two images
Collection Series 145: Board of Supervisors Proceedings, 1772-1969 Dimensions 60" x 25.5"
Call Number A-0289(69) Transcription NA
Creator Charles Webb, surveyor in 1774 jpeg File Name heathcoteMap1-2.jpg
Creation Date March 25, 1907 date certified by William G. Barrett tif File Name heathcoteMap1-2.tif

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