Crawbucky Tales, ca. 1920
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In the 1920s Frank H. Pierson was a journalist in Ossining, which is where he must have heard the tales told by the shad fisherman who gathered on the Hudson River at the place they called Crawbucky. As they sat in their shanties on Crawbucky Beach, just below Croton Point, waiting for the tide to turn so they could haul their nets, they entertained each other with ghost stories and Revolutionary tales. Pierson wrote down the stories, illustrating them with original watercolor drawings and illuminated capital letters. They are a charming reminder of old-time Westchester, when the arrival of spring along the Hudson River was signaled by the cry, “The shad are running!”

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Town of Ossining

Title Crawbucky Tales, ca. 1920 Format 5 items, unbound
Repository Westchester County Historical Society Number of Pages "Revolutionary Yarns": 12; "Uncle Ben and the Pot of Gold": 11; "Tales that Haunt the Brocken and Whisper Down the Rhine": 15 "Twixt Collabark and Meadow Creek": 20; "The Treasure Hunters": 10
Collection Manuscripts Dimensions "Revolutionary Yarns","Uncle Ben and the Pot of Gold", "Tales that Haunt the Brocken and Whisper Down the Rhine", "Twixt Collabark and Meadow Creek": 8" x 5"; "The Treasure Hunters": 10" x 7"
Call Number Mss. Folder #848 Transcription No
Creator Frank H. Pierson jpeg File Name revolutionaryYarns.jpg + _p1/2&3/4&5/6&7/8&9/10&11/12&13;
talesHauntBrockenWhisperDownRhine.jpg + _p1/2&3/4&5/6&7/8&9/10&11/12&13;
treasureHunters.jpg + p1-9;
twixtCollabark&MeadowCreek.jpg + _p1/2&3/4&5/6&7/8&9/10&11/12&13/14&15/16&17/18&19;
uncleBen&PotGold.jpg + _ p1/2&3/4&5/6&7/8&9/10
Creation Date circa 1920 tif File Name revolutionaryYarns.tif + _p1/2&3/4&5/6&7/8&9/10&11/12&13;
talesHauntBrockenWhisperDownRhine.tif + _p1/2&3/4&5/6&7/8&9/10&11/12&13;
treasureHunters.tif + p1-9;
twixtCollabark&MeadowCreek.tif + _p1/2&3/4&5/6&7/8&9/10&11/12&13/14&15/16&17/18&19;
uncleBen&PotGold.tif + _ p1/2&3/4&5/6&7/8&9/10

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