Hays Family Papers, 1813
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The Hays family was the first Jewish family to settle in Westchester County, arriving in New Rochelle during the latter part of the 17th century. Eventually members of the family moved to Bedford and Mount Pleasant, where they became prominent members of the community. These two documents relate to the Kosher slaughter of animals, with Jacob Solis, a relative of the Hays family, certifying in 1813 that Benjamin Hays is qualified under Jewish law to kill “clean beasts or fowls,” and a diagram explaining the manner in which the animals are to be killed.

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City of New Rochelle

Title Hays Family Papers, 1813 Format Manuscript
Repository Westchester County Historical Society Number of Pages 3
Collection Hays Family Manuscripts Dimensions 12" x 7", 13" x 15"
Call Number Hays Papers Box 2 #12 Transcription No
Creator Hays Family jpeg File Name haysCert.jpg, haysDiagram
Creation Date November 11, 1813 tif File Name haysCert.tif, haysDiagram.tif

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