The Proceedings of the Commissioners of Forfeiture, 1784-89

“To the victors belong the spoils” could be the subtitle of these records, which detail the seizure and sale of land in post-Revolutionary Westchester. Three samples of land seized from Tory landholders and sold to patriots by New York State are exhibited, as well as an account of the capture of America’s most infamous traitor, Benedict Arnold. In most instances tenant farmers who already lived on the land were the purchasers, but others from within Westchester, from neighboring counties and New York City also purchased the land .

-Complete list of purchasers

-Summary of how these sales were first intended to help pay for provisioning New York’s troops, and later to help pay New York’s debts for the war

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Title The Proceedings of the
Commissioners of Forfeiture
Format Bound Volume
Repository Westchester County Archives Number of Pages 8 of 141
Collection Series 35: Commissioners of Forfeiture
Proceedings 1784-1789
Dimensions 16" x 10"
Call Number A-0040(1)S Transcription Partial
Creator Commissioners of Forfeiture jpeg File Name forfeit.jpg
Creation Date 1784-1789 tif File Name forfeit.tif

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