The City of Peekskill traces its origins to Jan Peeck’s mid-17th-century trading post on Annsville Creek. By 1764 Peekskill Landing was settled along the Hudson River, and the area between Annsville Creek and Dickey Brook was incorporated as a village in the Town of Cortlandt in 1816. By the late 18th century Peekskill had established itself as a busy port, transporting people, agricultural products and goods from Northern Westchester to New York City by sloop and, eventually, steamship. In the 19th century it became a center for manufacturing as well, and was the site of many iron foundries that made stoves and ploughshares. Incorporated as a city in 1940, it is, today, experiencing a resurgence as a center for artists, and is intent upon preserving its most important historic sites.

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1685 Deed

1685 Deed with the Indians
for Ryck's Patent, Liber A

1750 Map

Map of Peekskill,
ca. 1750

Peekskill Military Academy

Records of the
Peekskill Military Academy,
1887 and 1963

Aero View of Peekskill

Aero View of Peekskill,

Land Indenture

Land Indenture,
May 10, 1748

Peekskill Foundries

Records of the Foundries,

St. Joseph's Home

Enumeration of St. Joseph's Home, Peekskill, NY,

Veterans' Records

Records of Veterans from the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, Spanish-American War and World War I, and Cemetery Maps,
ca. 1930's