Featured here are 25 sample documents, culled from the many thousands of public records dating from 1680 that are made accessible to the public by the Westchester County Archives.

They were selected because of their uniqueness as government records or because of their intrinsic historical value. As a group, they show the great variety of this collection, which documents the activities of the people who produce Westchester's laws and administer its government. They chronicle the growth of the county and reveal many milestones in the lives of its individual citizens.

1685 Deed with the Indians for Ryck's Patent, Liber A
Journal of the Commissioners of Partition, 1774
Copy of the 1774 Heathcote Map, 1907
Broadside of the Declaration of Independence, July 9, 1776
The Proceedings of the Commissioners of Forfeiture, 1784-89

Edward Pell's Nov. 7,
1787 Inventory

Charity Ferris'
1807 Will

Counterfeit $3 Bank Note, 1831

Farm Map from
North Salem, 1855

The Almshouse Inmate Records, ca. 1875

Washington Irving's Will, Dec. 3, 1858
Otis Elevator Company's Incorporation Records, 1883
The Final Report of the Bronx River Valley Sewer Commission, 1896
Trustees Annual Report,
Mt. Pleasant School
District 5, 1901
Enumeration of St. Joseph's Home, Peekskill, NY, 1905
Luigi Del Bianco's 1927 Petition
Rendering of
Playland Park, 1927
Records of Veterans from the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, Spanish-American War and World War I, and Cemetery Maps
Plans for the Bedford Court House
Paper Doll from Playland Park, ca. 1930s
"Dyckman Bridge
and Auto," ca. 1935
Westchester County Control Survey,
1939 Report
Reapportionment Debate Records,
Scale Drawing for
the Tarrytown Lighthouse, 1985